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God IS Love!!! Love IS a Choice!!!

September 27 2012

This morning I’m filled with the awareness of God’s love for us. Jesus’ message is all about love. Most of the people of His time did not get it and we know how the clergy of His time felt about it all. They were so threatened by his message of love they made it their job to stop Him. They were very comfortable following the rules. Follow the rules is what they wanted him to do. He calmed the waters when the boat was in a storm but he rocked the boat more often than not on the land. They did not like that at all.

Jesus’ message lives on…..but it’s evident to me that most people today don’t get it either. Just imagine what this world could be like if we all knew we were loved just the way we are and if each of us would live our lives from that place and love one another.

I think the most important message is that God loves us and wants to love others through us. For me that’s where it starts. What makes it so real for me is that I’ve experienced trying to love unconditionally on my own and have failed every time. My love for others without the realization that it is God loving them and not me ends up being unhealthy love.

God is the doer. The part of me that is one with God is the part of me that loves God, that loves others and that loves my enemies. That’s what God is…..God is love. Of myself I am nothing. In God, all things are possible.

For me, God is the doer, God is the initiator, God is the one who seduces me in my unworthiness. It’s all about God’s initiative! Our work is about giving that love back to the world. Our work is about letting God work through us, letting God use us in loving ways to be active witnesses of God’s love to the world.

If we could really grasp that God lives in each one of us and that we are intimately loved by God and that God wants to express through us I wonder what we would accomplish. If we could just let go and let God guide us and show us the way, we would be amazed at what would happen. I am amazed often!!!

Are you willing to let go of all your old ideas? Most people in the bible were afraid to let go. Are you afraid to let go? Well I’m here to hold your hand to encourage and support you. I’m also willing to let God love you through me, until you are ready to surrender. Surrender is what is required to be free to love in a way that will change the world.

Surrender simply means to take your attention off of the world’s discord and put your attention on God. See God all around you, in the trees, the flowers, in the clouds, in the homeless person on the street, in your husband, in your wife, in your children, in your life. God is everywhere and in everyone. Look for God and you will see God everywhere. That’s surrender! AMEN!!!

I can hear you now, “This is too hard! ‘I can’t do what you are asking Anne!’ Well in the 12 step program we are told, “To act as if!” ‘To fake it ‘til make it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Love is the prize.

I can’t prove this to you…..only you can prove it for yourselves.

Remember to Feed Your Soul……Seeing God everywhere is a way to feed your soul…..and for me it’s the only way to live.

Love and Blessings Galore,








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More about Love

September 13, 2012

More about Love….

For me Love starts with my Creator, remember I call my creator God. For me God is Love. Now I know that God is more than any words can convey but I like to think about Him/Her as Love. Total and complete Love.

This Love knows me inside and out. This Love created me in my mother’s womb and has been and will continue to be with me all the days of my life and beyond.

I’m created in the image and likeness of Love. I was created out of Love. I was created to live in Love and…. from that place to give Love and receive Love freely. No strings attached. This Love can not be earned. This Love is a gift, a free gift available to everyone.

Loving God is what my spiritual practice is all about. I read somewhere that when I consciously love and praise God all the angels sing and dance and celebrate that Love. That thought makes me smile.

All God wants in return is a relationship with us. So if you love God, talk to God. You can be honest. You can be angry, you can tell the truth about all that is going on in your life. Talk about all the good things and all the not so good things. God can handle it all. This is the best way to Love God. Make God your primary relationship and watch the miracles happen.

Talking to God and spending time listening for God messages is how I developed a relationship that I cherish more than any other relationship in my life. This is how I feed my soul. For me it’s the only way to live a life filled with peace and joy. Ellen Grace O’brian in her message this morning said: “Our right work is not a job; it is to realize our spiritual potential.” The only way I know to realize our spiritual potential is to develop and be committed to a relationship with God.

My life is filled with stories that continue to amaze me and that I draw on to increase my faith that all is well. God is in charge no matter what it looks like, no matter what my mind tells me about what is going on… God is in charge and in the midst of everything that’s happening. I’m convinced because of my many experiences.

I can not prove this to you but I can challenge you to develop a relationship with God and prove what I’m saying for yourself. It’s the only way.

Love as if life depended on it….because it does!!!


Love and many blessings to all,

“Remember to Feed Your Soul.”





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