November 7, 2013

I really want to get back into the habit of blogging on a regular basis. I am strongly led to commit to writing at least once a week or at least post something.  I know that this will challenge me especially with the holidays approaching but in a pinch, I have many things that I’ve written and can post so we can stay in touch on a regular basis. May God continue to bless each one of you and may God continue to grant me the willingness to write. AMEN!!!


What is faith? Yeah….. just what is faith and how do we become faith full or should I say full of faith. Well we don’t become full of faith we already are full of faith and we operate from that place in many ways with out thinking about it at all.

Every time we sit in a chair we have faith that that chair is safe to sit in. Every time we put a letter in the mail box or for that matter every time we send an e-mail we trust that our message will arrive where we sent it. Every time we put a key in the ignition of our car and turn that key, we trust and have faith in the cars ability to start and get us to where we are going. I’m sure if you stop and think about this you’ll find other areas of faith in your life.

Faith for me is a God given gift. I think we can agree that faith is a gift that we use all the time without thinking. But I also think that faith is a gift from God waiting to be opened more fully and consciously lived.

So how do we open this gift of faith more fully? We open this gift of faith with the act of surrender. I bet you are thinking WHAT??? SURRENDER!!!

Well what I mean by surrender is really very simple. Surrender as I understand it means to simply take our attention off of the challenges in our life and put our attention on God. Surrender for me is the key. With surrender every opportunity is filled with the possibility of experiencing the Grace of God. Grace requires we take the risk of Faith. I think about the movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and how Indiana Jones stepped out the window in faith that the help he needed would be there and low and behold there appears a beam of light that met his foot in time to provide him with what he needed to get away from the people chasing him. For me that’s an exaggerated example of taking a risk but sometimes the risks we need to take are as challenging. Surrender lifts us above, the appearances of our circumstances, and brings us peace. It gives us the light beam we need to move forward in our lives.

Unlike most gifts the more you use this gift the more you have available. It doesn’t fade, become tarnished or wear out. The more you exercise it the more you use it, the more it grows and matures.

Faith is the gift that keeps on giving. Out of faith comes the gifts of the spirit….the gifts of peace, love and joy.

There are many ways we can turn off the worry station in our heads. One is simply to talk to God. God is a good listener so tell God exactly what is on your mind. No holds barred. Just by talking to God you are opening up the gift of faith and before you know it the thoughts in your head have changed. Remember to feed your soul and I guarantee you that your faith will grow.


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It’s been way toooo long.

Well it’s been way too long since I’ve posted. March….I can’t believe it’s been that long. Lots has been going on for me. But God walks with me daily. I stay connected as best I can and I stop and look and listen for direction.

By the grace of God, I’m detaching myself from issues between my daughters and my granddaughter. I’m also doing what I can to avoid being codependent with our hopefully recovering drug addict grandson. He is in an out patient recovery program with Kaiser as we speak. Hopefully he will be entering a full time in house recovery program in the near future. He’s been on the street, by choice since mid July. It’s been scary at times but as of yesterday my tough love has paid off. By the Grace of God he has full coverage with Kaiser and at this time he doesn’t have to pay a co-pay. How blessed is that???

So I continue to Praise God no matter what. Trusting that God is in the midst of all that is going on. I know that God loves my children more than I do and that God is willing to guide and protect them all. I pray daily that their hearts and minds be open to the Wisdom of God’s perfect will for them and then I let them go.

On the bright side Bob and I have been getting our home into great shape. We redecorated the master bedroom and bath. Both rooms are painted a lovely yellow. We also had the exterior of our home painted, including new gutters. Lot’s of other odd jobs have been completed. We have cleaned out closets and cupboards and are working on the outside sheds. All in all we will be able to sit back and enjoy our home and hopefully share it all with family and friends.

Well that’s it for today. I pray I am able to write more soon.


Remember to feed your soul!!!


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Celebrating Easter Everyday….

Celebrating Easter Everyday….

During this lenten season, with the anticipation of Easter Sunday on my mind, I’ve been pondering the mystery of the death and resurrection of Jesus and what it means for me personally.

As most of you know I believe that there is only one God. God for me is known by many names. I believe that God shows up in a perfect way for everyone, everywhere. I also believe that some people that don’t acknowledge God, but are kind, loving, generous people are being used by God whether they know it or not.

Today I am a committed follower of the teachings of Jesus first and foremost in my life. About 25 years ago I took a spiritual side trip and had a great time learning about all the ways that God shows up for other people. Bottom line I learned that to live in the Kingdom of Love is all there is and those of us who know that, live a happy life no matter what is going on in the world or in our lives.

Then four years ago I was strongly urged to narrow my path. Catholicism and Jesus is the way God showed up for me when I was born.  So I was led back to the Catholic Church, continuing to take what I liked and leaving the rest. With the main focus for me being the teachings of Jesus. I’ve learned that in order to follow these teachings I needed a personal relationship with Jesus. So Jesus became my best friend and I talk with Him often during the day and night.

In Genesis we read that the Spirit of God, from before the beginning of time, hovered over all the empty, darkness of what became the world. So the Holy Spirit has always been and will always be everywhere.

But…. something happened when Jesus died on the cross. I think that during His trial he was tortured not only by the all the humiliation he went through during that time but He took on every aspect of what humans face in the world. He literally absorbed all the evil, all the shame, all the pain and ugliness of the world and surrendered it all and died releasing the power of His Holy Spirit.

Jesus told his disciples that when he died he would send His Spirit to minister to them and guide them. While on earth he was fully human and called Jesus. When he died on the cross and rose from the dead He was able to release His “Christ” Spirit to the whole world, in a more powerful way.  He filled the world and each one of us with His Christ powered Grace so that all of us could chose to be a part of His Holy Spirit more fully.

Now some of you may not agree with all that I’ve said and that’s o.k. But let’s face it something very powerful happened when he rose from the dead. Just think about what we know. Jesus was physically and actively teaching in the world for only three years. He taught 12 men how to follow in his foot steps and now over 2000 years have past but his message came through and spread all over the world in a very short time.


“The day of Pentecost frees the apostles to believe in a God who is

actively involved in their lives and no longer a mere intellectual

concept. The Holy Spirit has become wind, fire, joy, excitement,

universal shareability, and not just another boring Sabbath obligation

or more commandments to obey. Notice how all the metaphors of Spirit

presence are dynamic, alive, moving, and universally available.


The Spirit will always be totally unmerited grace. She always takes the

initiative, because Spirit is omnipresent, and thus there first! In the

first Pentecost account (Acts 2:1-13 [1]) the Holy Spirit is experienced as

intimacy, enlightenment, joy, and fire, and as the power to love beyond

boundaries and ethnicities, which now becomes the universal language.

She is presented as surprising, elusive, and free, and yet totally

given. The Spirit comes from no place we can control, least of all by

our good behavior or even our bad behavior. All we can do is surrender,

enjoy, and share. A spirit-filled life becomes like a pass-through

savings account—which gains lots of “interest” for yourself and

others when it is consciously enjoyed.”

Now this is what we can celebrate everyday of our lives….not just on Easter Sunday.

Thinking about you with Love this Holy Season I pray…. May your lives be enriched with Love, Joy and Peace.

Love, Anne

Remember to Feed Your Soul




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Slipping along the Lenten Path…..

March 13, 2013




Usually during lent I give up something like sugar or wine completely for 40 days. Well this year I was strongly led not to do a complete fast. Instead I was led to do a little less eating, drinking and talking and to increase any of the practices that contribute to my well being like writing and prayer, along with being more kind and generous to others and to myself. What I’ve discovered once again is that it is easier to give something up completely for Lent than it is to be moderate and improve or let go of character defects. 


During this Lenten Season lots of hard things showed up in my life that want to steal my joy and peace…..which on the brighter side have all brought me closer to God. Of all the things that I was led to increase……prayer has become paramount so that my life is more of a dialogue with God and as a result I return to that peaceful, joy filled place more quickly than ever before. I’ve worked hard uplifting myself through it all and prayer is the only way I know to be restored to peace and joy. Thank you God!!! 


I’ve experience much pain over the years of my blessed life. I have walked through many challenges both physical and emotional. But the pain that comes from witnessing your children in pain is the worst kind of pain for me or any parent to handle. 


So having said that I know that my slipping along in Lent is the best I can do at this time and because once again I’m learning the power of prayer in my life I can rejoice and let all the pain go and praise God for all the ways I’m drawing nearer to that life that is bigger than me, and beyond my understanding.


Remember to feed your soul…..slipping along the way in life is o.k.






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Uplifting one another and LENT:

Uplifting one another and LENT:

February 15, 2015 & February 16, 2013

UPLIFTING ONE ANOTHER. All I want to say about that right now is that we are unable to uplift another person unless we uplift ourselves first. By that I mean we need to feed our souls on a regular basis. I do that by spending time alone, praying and meditating. I read uplifting literature and over the years I’ve learned to pay close attention to the way my mind rattles on and on about what I should or shouldn’t do and not allow that conversation to go anywhere except in one ear and out the other. With these disciplines in place we are guided to uplift others in powerful ways. Ways that will touch their hearts and minds and make a difference in their world and yours. More about this at another time. Lent is the perfect time to ask for the strength to put into practice those disciplines above. Many people are practicing and praying at this time so this is a very powerful time for change. So here’s my take on Lent for me this year.


LENT: While walking and praying on Wednesday morning I asked, “Lord what would you have me do for lent? The answer I got was, “Just keep doing what you are doing with these slight adjustments:


Eat a little less, drink a little less, talk a little less, watch less TV, read more, pray more, write more, listen more and be as kind and generous as possible. In all of this be kind to yourself and remember you can not do all this on your own and when you fall short….pick yourself up and keep on going, accepting who you are and how you do what you do. I love the way God speaks to me….always reminding me I need to minister to myself first and foremost.


I was going to come back to writing yesterday but never made it. I know that what God is asking me to do is perfect for me at this time. I was reassured this a.m. when the prayer for today was, “Strengthen us  in our lenten practices.” By the Grace of God I will continue on this lenten road, trusting all the way that what I’m doing will always need God Grace to help me stay on the straight and narrow way of living in Christ. I don’t get to do it perfectly. It’s like all practices in my life I move forward, move slightly backwards or off to the side and by the Grace of God I am restored to center and move forward once again. It’s this kind of moving forward that works for me. Just like my giving up compulsive overeating. When I fell short of what my mind told me I had to do, I just moved forward never looking back with regret, just moving forward as best I could. Oh yes, I would admit what I did, ask for forgiveness but then I moved on. So I’m not going to do lent perfectly because I don’t do anything perfectly. Persistence is my goal, determination is what drives me and all of this is by the Grace of God. I pray that what I share is uplifting and useful to you.

I love all of you with all my heart and so does God!!!


Remember to Feed Your Soul




February 16, 2013


Well my resolve went out the window last night so now I’m working at uplifting myself. Praying and asking to be strengthened in my resolve to eat less. I really blew it last night. I decided to see a movie I was not interested in but knew that Bob wanted to see it. That was a big mistake. We saw “Zero Dark Thirty.” There’s way too much violence for me and it was based on a true story. I will never subject myself to another movie like that again. I don’t really know what I was thinking. Anyway I came home and was very tired but stayed up and watched a TV Program. Big mistake, I was tempted and succumbed to it and boy did I blow it. So now I’m letting it all go. This morning I fed my soul, reading an praying with scripture. Then I wrote all the details in my journal and now I’m telling you about it. So now my prayer is, Lord please strengthen my commitment to this holy season and grant me the knowledge to do your will, grant me the wisdom to know what you mean by, doing less of somethings and doing more of what is really important. AMEN!!!

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I’m back with a question….

February 8, 2013

O.K. I’ve been gone a very long time. December and January were very full for me. Being blessed with a pain free body I was able to host several parties. I’m grateful to say…I continue to be pain free, full of energy and vitality for all of life. January 5th I witnessed the birth of my great grandson and spent one week in Nevada getting to know him and his four year old sister. I had a great time, cooking and playing with my family.

Shortly before I left for Nevada my dishwasher quit working properly. After a few visits and new parts delivered twice I finally have a dishwasher that works. That happened yesterday.

Also about a week ago we discovered that the sewer line under our home is deteriorating and is clogged beyond repair. So the entire sewer line will be replaced next week. By the way do you remember we had to have the sewer line from the house to the street replaced last year.

I learned a lot about that incident and continue to look at what all this means for me personally. I’ve done a lot of digging and releasing of old stuff and I think everything around me is doing the same thing. Something to think about anyway. I look at three things when challenges come into my life, 1. What is the Purpose of this challenge? 2. What is the lesson at hand? 3. What is the blessing? I’m still learning and praying about it all but I can see that there’s a part of me that resists changing and stuff happens to disquiet me and get in the way. But I’ve learning over the years that; all this will pass and new stuff will come up and it’s all part of life, growing and changing is a good thing.

More stuff to distract me…..

Bob’s hard drive with recorded books stopped working, Bob’s headaches have been back for two weeks. He’s lost without recorded books to distract him from the pain. The dryer is making terrible noises and Bob and I both got colds.

Today I’m feeling a lot better. This cold started on Sunday, opted not to go to the Super Bowl party and have been home all week, mostly in my pj’s until yesterday when I started feeling better. The worst of this cold lasted three days but I’m playing it safe and taking it easy again today.

NOW FOR MY QUESTION….based on a quote from Ellen Grace O’Brian

“God is the invisible, omnipresent One, That which has no comparison. We cannot see something that is everywhere. How does God become visible in the world? It’s the light that shines through each one of us when we lift one another up.”

—Ellen Grace O’Brian

O.K. This is an inspirational message from Ell Grace OBrian. I posted it on Facebook and challenged all of you to share with the rest of us…………….“How do you lift someone up?”
I’ll add now, “How do others lift you up?” Or as Ellen stated…….“How can we lift one another up.”

So I’ll just post this and wait to share my ideas….

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December 31, 2012

Today I’m waiting to celebrate the New Year with Wyatt my unborn great-grandson who could be born any day now but whose mama will get help bringing him into the world on Friday January 4th if he’s unwilling to enter this world on his own.

Tomorrow is the last day of 2012 and I want to end the year with an overview of the last couple of months.

As most of you know I spent most of 2012 doing everything I knew to quiet down the pain in my body. By the Grace of God,Yoga and a miracle working Chiropractor…. for two months now I have been pain free. Thank you God!!! November 22nd, Thanksgiving Day, I walked the 5K Turkey Trot in downtown San Jose. We took VTA and arrived downtown at about 7 a.m. so we could see the costume parade and mix with the early participants. Our category, the slow ones, started at 8:30. Bob and I were in the middle of the pack and managed to average a 21 min. mile. We spent some time afterward with my son who also walked the “Trot,” and we were home by noon. I then prepared two side dishes to take to my sister’s home for dinner. We arrived there at 3 pm. And….I was on my feet totally pain free for most of that time. I’m in awe of the way I have I have recovered. I’ve gone from feeling like I was hopelessly doomed to increasing pain for the rest of my life to walking around full of energy and pain free. My heart is overflowing with joy and gratitude for all the ways I’ve been blessed.

I hosted five parties ending with dinner for ten on Christmas Day. I have been celebrating life with more energy and enthusiasm than I’ve been able to muster up for a few years. Thank you God. Oh yes, I rest a lot in between chores and I spent the day after Christmas in my PJ’s and watched movies all day long except to fix meals. It felt great. Oh by the way party #6 is today. A New Year’s Eve afternoon open house for our neighbors. I have now recommitted to living to celebrate 100 years.

For years now I have avoided the trap of setting New Year’s resolutions. Instead I claim what I expect to happen during the coming year. I know that of myself I am nothing and that all I expect to happen will be an inside job. My work is to be open to the changes and do my part. I do my part and God does the rest. I set my intentions and between me and my intentions……Grace Happens!!!

I’m committed to being faithful, attentive and patient. I have faith that God is working in my life no matter what, I’m attentive to God, I listen for guidance and act accordingly and most of all I’m patient. All will happen in God’s timing not mine.

By the grace of God, this is the year that I am more loving, nonjudgmental, accepting and forgiving of myself and others. This is the year that I am happier, healthier, more energetic and strong, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

By the grace of God this is the year that I am more willing to be transformed from the inside out and am more loving and accepting of myself with all my flaws. I am more open to the experience of how much God loves me and wants me to thrive in all areas of my life. Each day I become more and more of what I’ve been created to be and do.

I encourage others and support them in being all they are created to do and be. All this is contingent to God’s will and by God’s grace. AMEN!!!

May God continue to bless each one of you and may 2013 be filled with much love, peace and joy……abundant JOY!!!

Remember to Feed Your Soul

With much Love,




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