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Uplifting one another and LENT:

Uplifting one another and LENT:

February 15, 2015 & February 16, 2013

UPLIFTING ONE ANOTHER. All I want to say about that right now is that we are unable to uplift another person unless we uplift ourselves first. By that I mean we need to feed our souls on a regular basis. I do that by spending time alone, praying and meditating. I read uplifting literature and over the years I’ve learned to pay close attention to the way my mind rattles on and on about what I should or shouldn’t do and not allow that conversation to go anywhere except in one ear and out the other. With these disciplines in place we are guided to uplift others in powerful ways. Ways that will touch their hearts and minds and make a difference in their world and yours. More about this at another time. Lent is the perfect time to ask for the strength to put into practice those disciplines above. Many people are practicing and praying at this time so this is a very powerful time for change. So here’s my take on Lent for me this year.


LENT: While walking and praying on Wednesday morning I asked, “Lord what would you have me do for lent? The answer I got was, “Just keep doing what you are doing with these slight adjustments:


Eat a little less, drink a little less, talk a little less, watch less TV, read more, pray more, write more, listen more and be as kind and generous as possible. In all of this be kind to yourself and remember you can not do all this on your own and when you fall short….pick yourself up and keep on going, accepting who you are and how you do what you do. I love the way God speaks to me….always reminding me I need to minister to myself first and foremost.


I was going to come back to writing yesterday but never made it. I know that what God is asking me to do is perfect for me at this time. I was reassured this a.m. when the prayer for today was, “Strengthen us  in our lenten practices.” By the Grace of God I will continue on this lenten road, trusting all the way that what I’m doing will always need God Grace to help me stay on the straight and narrow way of living in Christ. I don’t get to do it perfectly. It’s like all practices in my life I move forward, move slightly backwards or off to the side and by the Grace of God I am restored to center and move forward once again. It’s this kind of moving forward that works for me. Just like my giving up compulsive overeating. When I fell short of what my mind told me I had to do, I just moved forward never looking back with regret, just moving forward as best I could. Oh yes, I would admit what I did, ask for forgiveness but then I moved on. So I’m not going to do lent perfectly because I don’t do anything perfectly. Persistence is my goal, determination is what drives me and all of this is by the Grace of God. I pray that what I share is uplifting and useful to you.

I love all of you with all my heart and so does God!!!


Remember to Feed Your Soul




February 16, 2013


Well my resolve went out the window last night so now I’m working at uplifting myself. Praying and asking to be strengthened in my resolve to eat less. I really blew it last night. I decided to see a movie I was not interested in but knew that Bob wanted to see it. That was a big mistake. We saw “Zero Dark Thirty.” There’s way too much violence for me and it was based on a true story. I will never subject myself to another movie like that again. I don’t really know what I was thinking. Anyway I came home and was very tired but stayed up and watched a TV Program. Big mistake, I was tempted and succumbed to it and boy did I blow it. So now I’m letting it all go. This morning I fed my soul, reading an praying with scripture. Then I wrote all the details in my journal and now I’m telling you about it. So now my prayer is, Lord please strengthen my commitment to this holy season and grant me the knowledge to do your will, grant me the wisdom to know what you mean by, doing less of somethings and doing more of what is really important. AMEN!!!

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I’m back with a question….

February 8, 2013

O.K. I’ve been gone a very long time. December and January were very full for me. Being blessed with a pain free body I was able to host several parties. I’m grateful to say…I continue to be pain free, full of energy and vitality for all of life. January 5th I witnessed the birth of my great grandson and spent one week in Nevada getting to know him and his four year old sister. I had a great time, cooking and playing with my family.

Shortly before I left for Nevada my dishwasher quit working properly. After a few visits and new parts delivered twice I finally have a dishwasher that works. That happened yesterday.

Also about a week ago we discovered that the sewer line under our home is deteriorating and is clogged beyond repair. So the entire sewer line will be replaced next week. By the way do you remember we had to have the sewer line from the house to the street replaced last year.

I learned a lot about that incident and continue to look at what all this means for me personally. I’ve done a lot of digging and releasing of old stuff and I think everything around me is doing the same thing. Something to think about anyway. I look at three things when challenges come into my life, 1. What is the Purpose of this challenge? 2. What is the lesson at hand? 3. What is the blessing? I’m still learning and praying about it all but I can see that there’s a part of me that resists changing and stuff happens to disquiet me and get in the way. But I’ve learning over the years that; all this will pass and new stuff will come up and it’s all part of life, growing and changing is a good thing.

More stuff to distract me…..

Bob’s hard drive with recorded books stopped working, Bob’s headaches have been back for two weeks. He’s lost without recorded books to distract him from the pain. The dryer is making terrible noises and Bob and I both got colds.

Today I’m feeling a lot better. This cold started on Sunday, opted not to go to the Super Bowl party and have been home all week, mostly in my pj’s until yesterday when I started feeling better. The worst of this cold lasted three days but I’m playing it safe and taking it easy again today.

NOW FOR MY QUESTION….based on a quote from Ellen Grace O’Brian

“God is the invisible, omnipresent One, That which has no comparison. We cannot see something that is everywhere. How does God become visible in the world? It’s the light that shines through each one of us when we lift one another up.”

—Ellen Grace O’Brian

O.K. This is an inspirational message from Ell Grace OBrian. I posted it on Facebook and challenged all of you to share with the rest of us…………….“How do you lift someone up?”
I’ll add now, “How do others lift you up?” Or as Ellen stated…….“How can we lift one another up.”

So I’ll just post this and wait to share my ideas….

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