My 80th Year!!!

15 Nov

November 15, 2012

On November 12th, I celebrated my 79th birthday. So I’m now embarking on the beginning of my 80th year. I don’t know for sure why, but I am excited! But, more than excited I’m truly grateful to be alive, healthy and happy. I’m stronger and more willing to risk and live life to the fullest, more willing than I’ve ever been before. I’ve been graced with a very full and challenging life that has filled me with satisfaction and great joy. My life has had many twists and turns and all kinds of surprises…..never a dull moment and always filled with tremendous faith. Thank you God!!!

12-12-12 I celebrate 22 years cancer free, that’s something to celebrate! And now after almost two years of treatment of various kinds for back misalignment with severe sciatic nerve pain, I am pain free.

It took me a lot of time, a lot more money and and whole lot of faith to finally find the Chiropractor that was able to show me on a X-ray what was going on in my back. The top part of my fifth lumbar was jutting forward toward my internal organs putting pressure on my sciatic nerve and headed for my spinal cord.

Today I can walk two miles with comfort and ease which was not true even a few weeks ago. So I’ve decided to start training to be able to walk the 5K (3.1 Miles) Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning in downtown San Jose. In the words of a dear friend, “This is my skydiving challenge.” Only God knows what I’ll do next. God has surprised me with many challenges over the years all of which has made me the happy, healthy, energetic faith filled, woman I am today. I look forward, by the grace of God to do more….. thank you God.

As most of you know I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the concept of “Love.” One day as I was pondering God’s love for me my heart burst open and in flowed a real sense of God’s love for me in a new and real way. That’s all I can say. It was not a feeling. It just was real…. beyond explanation. I now know without a doubt that God loves me just the way I am, flaws and all. I know that there is nothing that I could do that would separate me from God’s love unless I let it. And I’ve discovered that my work now is about loving myself the same way.

God is my refuge and my strength. God is my cheerleader, always putting supportive and encouraging words in my mind. I refuse to listen to any negative thoughts at all. I remember years ago when I first started working a 12 step program and learning how to take care of myself, I realized that if I talked to my friends the way I talked to myself I would not have very many friends. If what you hear in your head is not encouraging and supportive of who you are, gently guiding you in a different direction it’s not God. God is always firm but gentle, always kind and loving, supportive and encouraging. We must do the same for ourselves and for others.

Negative thoughts enter my mind less frequently but when they attack me, and attack me they do…. I’m prepared with an affirmation or scripture and I pray until they are pushed out of my mind and I am peaceful again. I trust that if there’s something I need to change or alter in my life, God will reveal God’s will for me in the situation that was being used to attack me.

That’s one of the ways that I love myself…..In my next post I’ll talk more about how I love myself and how I do my best, not ever perfect, loving others.

Peace is always for me, the answer to prayer. It’s in that peaceful place that I’m able to know and act according to God’s will. I do my part and leave the rest to God.

Remember to feed your soul and you will change your life!!!

Love & Blessings to you and yours for a glorious Thanksgiving Day……Anne


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4 responses to “My 80th Year!!!

  1. Paul

    November 16, 2012 at 5:03 am

    You’re a miracle, Anne! I hope that I too can experience the faith, tenacity and energy you have as I move forward. Loving oneself with deepest acceptance is a never-ending journey, and the rewards are ohhhh so sweet! I am honored to know you.

    • revwelker

      November 16, 2012 at 2:29 pm

      Thank you,my dear friend Paul.

  2. Marilyn Atteberry

    November 16, 2012 at 5:56 am

    Thank you for sharing your inspiring life and viewpoints with us. Love you. Marilyn

    • revwelker

      November 16, 2012 at 2:30 pm

      Thank you dearest Marilyn!
      Love, Anne


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