A Little Bit About Envy …..

05 Oct

October 5, 2012

Love does not envy, Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have….

It’s been a very long time since I’ve envied anyone but I’m sure that sometime or another in my life I have been envious of someone. Maybe because they were thin and/or had beautiful clothes that I could not afford at the time, or had a talent that was not one of my gifts.

But today, by the grace of God I do not suffer from this crippling frame of mind. I say crippling because if we are spending time feeling badly and wanting things to be different than they are…..this attitude gets in our way of our self discovery.

If we truly love ourselves and accept who we are, we are then in a better position to discover our gifts and what our purpose is for being born.

Envy is a debilitating attitude that must be recognized for what it is and to the best of our ability, notice it and let it go.

Now there are times when I see something someone else has or is doing and I think, “I’d like to be able to have_______ or do ______!”  For a few seconds I do covet what my neighbor has or is doing and even think why can’t I have or do _______? Today, more often than not I quickly change the envious thought to one of appreciation and gratitude for all my friend has and is able to do. Sometimes I have to kind of fake it but if I stay with the new thoughts and listen for where appreciation and gratitude take me, eventually the rest of me catches up and I truly feel blessed to know and see my friend in the light of Love.

Jesus said something like this: “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” I say….”Fix your attention on God.” You’ll be changed from the inside out. My personal experience is that….that’s the only way change becomes permanent….from the inside out. You can’t make it happen however you can cooperate with the Holy Spirit and then change happens. Anticipate miracles, miracles do happen.

Remember to Feed You Soul….so change can happen!!!

Love & Blessings galore,


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