15 Sep

September 15, 2012

First a confession….I have not kept my commitment to post everyday. Remember I don’t do anything perfectly sooo it’s o.k. with me to miss a day once in awhile. Oh by the way I don’t think I’ll write on Sundays….But who knows for sure? I don’t.

So here goes for today….

September 15, 2012

I came across this quote from Thérèse Lisieux commonly called “The Little Flower in a new book called ”Walking the Little Way.” It describes Thérèse’s insights in terms of six qualities of the heart that can act as road markers for our own path: 1) a sense of inner freedom; 2) a capacity for a creative response; 3) a spirit of empathy and compassion; 4) an attitude of willingness rather than willfulness; 5) a spirit of self-surrender; 6) a pervasive and enduring sense of gratitude.

That sums up what love is all about for me. She also says that:  “The remembrance of my faults … draws me never to depend on my strength which is only weakness.” That’s what surrender is all about for me. Knowing that of myself I can do nothing but with God all things are possible. I know that it is in weakness that I am made strong by the love of God.

We can never realize just how much God loves us. I’ve often remembered that my earthly father and how he loved me unconditionally. He was always loving and positive with each one of us. He personally had a very abusive relationship with his father and instead of acting out of his wounded self he was, by the grace of God, able to transcend those wounds and love us unconditionally.

Although my God is not male or female because my God is beyond any earthly description, I think I’m comfortable with calling God Father because of my earthly father’s love. But…..I must admit I call God Mother also…. Father/Mother God is how I love to pray.

So for today I want to encourage you and be personally encouraged myself to look for Love everywhere. My call today is to ask to see every one the way God see’s them. I’m willing to ask and to act in whatever way I’m guided to do so…..God loves everyone exactly the same way unconditionally. God sees and knows the heart of every human being. We only see their earthly physical and emotional states. Beyond what we see is what God sees and knows. God is patient, waiting for each person to turn toward Him/Her. God is waiting with open arms to Love us into  relationship. Remember the prodigal son…..remember King David. Those two people come to mind as people who defied God and when they were ready God welcomed them back with Joy filled Love.

Remember Love like your life depends on it…… does.

Love & Blessings Galore,


and…..Remember to Feed Your Soul

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