How do you wait???

10 Feb

February 10, 2010


I received this note today from my dear friend Cecilia. With her permission to use her name, I’m printing her note so you can ponder her questions. She’s curious about how others wait and I’m curious also. I will share my comments later.

Here’s Cecilia’s note:

I am sitting inside my car waiting. My $50k van is having all sorts of problems and waiting is the name of the game. Just this week I have waited at least 8 hours. Some sitting in the waiting room and some ,like now, in my car at the mechanics shop.
Earlier this week my car died and it was parked so close to the garage wall that we had to pull it out with a chain.
Those of us who learned to wait at an early age took it in stride. While those of us who didn’t have a coniption (sp?) fit and then later had to make amends.
My questions to all of you are:
Do you know how to wait?
How did you learn?
How are you teaching it to your children especially to your boys?
How do you wait?

I learned from many surgeries, including one that landed me in a body cast for 9 months. Learning was painful and frustrating but absolutely worth it.

My dad taught me how to wait without waiting. What I mean is I am usually prepared to wait. I have a good book with me at all times and now I have a ipad. If I am in line behind someone who is taking too long I turn to the person behind me and chat. The secret is waiting without waiting.

My mom is in the rehab hospital and when I go visit I gather my now “old friends” and we go watch videos. Here is a group of people who are waiting because healing takes time.

A big thanks to all of you and a special big hug to my dad who taught me well.

PS please consider answering my questions because I am curious.

And so am I…..Remember to feed your soul”
Love, Anne
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One response to “How do you wait???

  1. revwelker

    February 10, 2012 at 7:48 pm

    O.K. Here’s what I wrote back to Cecilia…..But…..I will continue to ponder “How I Wait!!!”

    I know how to wait….most of the time. When I’m waiting at the bank I do some balancing exercises. That is I stand on one foot and do different leg movements.

    I have also started a conversation with someone behind me. When I first started practicing waiting I would keep a book with me at all times.

    But then there are times when I pray for everyone around me, everyone I know, everyone in the world. My children are all grown and I don’t think I models waiting for any of them very well. I’ll have to ask them.

    I think I learned the importance of patience and waiting by working the 12 steps. It is a spiritual practice. It’s a way to be harmless in the world. What we think and how we act effects everyone.


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