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Humility!!! What is it?

February 28, 2012

For me being humble is about remaining teachable. Remembering there’s always more to learn. Humility means for me to be childlike, curious and adventurous in my thinking and contemplation. For me being humble is to know there is more to life than meets the eye, to know it is possible to see beyond appearances, to know and trust that what we see is not always what it appears to be. Remembering you can not judge a book by it’s cover and that there is always at least two sides to every story.

Here’s what Fr. Richard believes about seeing beyond appearances:

He believes like the mystics that all of humanity was given three different sets of eyes, each building on the previous one:

The first eye was the eye of the flesh (thought or sight).

The second eye was the eye of reason (meditation or reflection).

The third eye was the eye of true understanding (contemplation).

He goes on to say, “The third eye is the way the mystics see. They do not reject the first eye; the senses matter to them but they know there is more.”

For me that’s humility…..knowing there is always more. Nobody knows everything. God is the only “All Knowing Energy” in the world and beyond.

Fr. Richard also says, “They do not reject the second eye; but they know not to confuse knowledge with depth or mere correct information with the transformation of consciousness itself.”

For me this means we have to take what we learn and drop it down from our heads into our hearts. Examine it in our hearts and feel the truth of it or not and trust our inner knowing until proven otherwise remembering that there’s always more to learn and see.

Father thinks, “The mystical gaze builds upon the first two eyes — and yet goes further.

He says it happens whenever, by some wondrous “coincidence,” our heart space, our mind space, and our body awareness are all simultaneously open and non resistant.”

For me that is being in the presence. I had an experience a couple years ago that did just that for me. I was at Juvenile Hall to help the teens there make flower arrangements for Thanksgiving. Can you imagine 16 to 18 year old boys making flower arrangements? I could not imagine that until I saw with my own eyes!

I was not prepared for what I was about to see. There before me was a room full of boys, all there because they had severely broken the law one way or another. As I started walking around the room talking to each boy and helping them with their arrangements, I was overwhelmed with love. My heart opened up and I got a huge lump in my throat. As I turned away from the boys tears fell uncontrollably down my face, it took all my strength to avoid sobbing. It took me a few seconds to calm down. I talked briefly with one of the custodians and was surprised at what came out of my mouth. What I realized in that moment was that I was watching a room full of abused babies in big bodies, being very child like and enjoying what they were doing. They’d dropped their tough guy acts and were all smiling and chatting as they worked. I could see their innocence, oh not that they were not guilty of breaking the law but what I saw was their innocence in the eyes of God. I was amazed and overwhelmed with joy and at the same time full of sadness. It was a Grace filled moment of deep inner connection that pulled me into the presence and allowed me to see beyond appearances.

Be open my friends. There’s a lot to learn and to see.

Remember to feed your souls.

With much love and blessings galore!!!



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How do you wait???

February 10, 2010


I received this note today from my dear friend Cecilia. With her permission to use her name, I’m printing her note so you can ponder her questions. She’s curious about how others wait and I’m curious also. I will share my comments later.

Here’s Cecilia’s note:

I am sitting inside my car waiting. My $50k van is having all sorts of problems and waiting is the name of the game. Just this week I have waited at least 8 hours. Some sitting in the waiting room and some ,like now, in my car at the mechanics shop.
Earlier this week my car died and it was parked so close to the garage wall that we had to pull it out with a chain.
Those of us who learned to wait at an early age took it in stride. While those of us who didn’t have a coniption (sp?) fit and then later had to make amends.
My questions to all of you are:
Do you know how to wait?
How did you learn?
How are you teaching it to your children especially to your boys?
How do you wait?

I learned from many surgeries, including one that landed me in a body cast for 9 months. Learning was painful and frustrating but absolutely worth it.

My dad taught me how to wait without waiting. What I mean is I am usually prepared to wait. I have a good book with me at all times and now I have a ipad. If I am in line behind someone who is taking too long I turn to the person behind me and chat. The secret is waiting without waiting.

My mom is in the rehab hospital and when I go visit I gather my now “old friends” and we go watch videos. Here is a group of people who are waiting because healing takes time.

A big thanks to all of you and a special big hug to my dad who taught me well.

PS please consider answering my questions because I am curious.

And so am I…..Remember to feed your soul”
Love, Anne
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Acceptance, Surrender, Go with the Flow:

February 8, 2012

I think I’ve shared with you before that I’m a slow learner. Well maybe that’s true about what I’m about to write and maybe not. Sometimes it’s hard for me to discern what is going on until I sit down to write. Quite often after I reread what I’ve written I wonder where my thoughts came from. I’m amazed at what is revealed as I write. I love this process. For me it’s a way to pray and sometimes to get answers to what is happening.

So what am I talking about. Well there’s a fine line here that I’m looking at regarding the arthritic pain in my body. I’m not sure how much of what I’ve done so far, is me trying to take charge and how much is truly me doing my best to follow God’s guidance. But….I know one thing for sure God used it all to get me to a new level of surrender.

I have tried everything I can think of to help my body heal itself of arthritic pain. I’ve seen my regular doctor, an orthopedic surgeon, a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, a physical therapist and a holistic doctor.

Well it feels like I’m back to square one except, by the Grace of God…. I am feeling better. My pain level is low. I’m back to exercising at the gym and am looking for an easy beginning Yoga Class.

To the best of my ability, I’ve done everything that I think I was led to do??? And now I’m ready to surrender. This surrender is not easy because it comes with the realization that this arthritic condition is one that….I plain an simply have to accept!!! Oh that doesn’t mean that I just give up and give in to the pain. No it just means that this is where I am with my 78 year old body. I’ve used it well, taken care of it to the best of my ability, which I will continue to do but pain will always be something I have to deal with, hopefully with love, gentleness and Tylenol.

I am feeling better, physically, mentally and spiritually. I think every healing modality I tried contributed to my progress. I also have a better sense of why what we think affects how we heal. I’ve learned that when we have pain in our bodies the brain records it and will replay it over and over and over. What we tell ourselves about the pain determines whether or not we break the chain that binds us. The worse thing we can do is be frightened by it. What works best is to trust that it will go away or lessen to the point where it is manageable. And….to say loving, supportive, faith filled affirmations to change the mind.

In Romans 12:2m we read, “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” WOW….it works.

I feel like I’m back in the flow of what is, instead of trying to change “it.” With this surrender my intention is to float along the river of Life. The Life that is lived within us. Saying yes to that always-existent Life is what works. I’ve come to accept once again that Life always includes pain of some sort. For some reason we need pain to help us grow and change. Much like a plant needs to be pruned for new growth to flourish, so do we. But also I’ve learned once again that suffering is optional. Oh yes I did…. on a few occasions fall into suffering mode. Feeling sorry for myself, I let the frustration of it all get the best of me and my ability to be kind, gentle and patient with myself and unfortunately with others, like poor Bob.

The other piece of what I’ve relearned once again is the power of gratitude. I am so blessed to be 78 years old and to be able to walk, to see clearly with my glasses, to so far be able to hear without hearing aids and to have lots of energy to do whatever I make up my mind to do providing I do most of it early in the day…..take a short rest and then move more slowly in the afternoon. I’m blessed with a loving, kind, patient husband that loves me no matter what!!! I have a very large, loving family and have many opportunities to enjoy being with them. I a truly blessed.

O.K. Acceptance, surrender, go with the flow, all important reminders for me and hopefully for you.

“Remember to feed you soul.!!!”

Love and Blessings Galore,






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