How can we live life with enthusiasm?

20 Jan


How can we live life with enthusiasm?

My experience is that…..”Life happens while you are planning it!”  How I handle those changes and interruptions makes all the difference in the world. I’ve been taught and do my best to live with high expectations held loosely in my hands. I expect the best and stay open to what life wants to bring to me. Over time I’ve come to realize that everything that happens has a lesson in it. As much as I’d like to be in charge, most of the time I no longer have to have my own way. Sometimes I am able to let go easily and sometimes I try momentarily to hold on tight. and have difficulty letting go, but always….and I mean always when I let go, everything does work out for the best.

Being willing to live life this way brings many surprises. Some can be called trivial but even then the experience boosts us and brings us joy.

I was born in San Francisco and so were all my siblings. Many years ago my brothers had 49’er season tickets. During those years they were avid fans and attended all the games. They even continued to go to games long after most fans gave up.

Up until recently, I knew very little about the game and found it boring to watch. When I found out that the 49’ers were two games away from the Super Bowl something happened inside of me. Not only did I sit and watch the game but all of sudden the game came alive for me and I became a screaming fan. My enthusiasm soared.

I never understood this infantile reaction to what I thought was a silly game and was critical of others that behaved this way. Infantile maybe……child like yes!!! Enthusiastic yes!!! We are called to be child like. Children are enthusiastic about everything. Just watch them.

Bob was pleased that I watched the game. But what impressed him more was that I saw a play completed before he did. My screaming got his attention and he was shocked that I saw what was happening before he did.

Here’s another surprise, when I heard that New York Giants were playing the next day and that the results of that game would determine who would play the 49’ers, I ended up watching the New York Giants game and rooting for them, so the next game would be played in San Francisco and give the 49’ers a a bit of an edge. Now, I’m excited that they are playing again on Sunday and can hardly wait to watch.

I think the secret is to keep our hearts and minds open and to be present to life as best we can, do what we are led to do and most of all enjoy it all!!!

So bottom line what am I saying here??? First of all we are never too old to learn something new and enjoy it even if we never did before. For some reason I let go of my old ideas about football. I concentrated on the game, began to understand what was happening and became fully engaged in it all. I was living in the present moment, open to what was happening and participating fully. What a joy filled surprise that was for me and for Bob. I’m now open to more enthusiastic experiences. I wonder what will happen next? I expect more miracles and I hope you do too.

The Greek root for the word enthusiasm is….. en-, in + theos., god

For me, living in God is the only way to live!!!

Remember to feed your soul.

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