Universal Message about Advent

03 Dec

Here’s another writing from Fr. Rohr. Please read it through before you react to the name of Jesus….He’s talking about the Universal Christ Consciousness. AMEN!!!

Richard’s Daily Meditations


The human spiritual longing expressed by “Come, Lord Jesus” is a
longing for universal order and meaning. In the centuries of fighting
over the humanity and the divinity of Christ, the Western Church has
gradually lost touch with the larger and more universal message: “The
image of the unseen God, the firstborn of all creation, for in him were
created all things in heaven and on earth . . . and he holds all things
in unity . . . because God wanted all perfection to be found in him and
all things to be reconciled through him and for him” (Colossians
1:15-20 [1]).


This is not a problem-solving Christ, not a denominational or cultural
Christ, not a Christ domesticated by the Churches. This Christ names in
his life and person what matters, what lasts, and finally what is. He
holds it all together in significance, reveals the redemptive pattern
that we call the life and death of things, and holds the meaning and
value of our lives outside of ourselves!

Remember: Your life is not about you. You are about life!

Adapted from Radical Grace: Daily Meditations, pp. 387-388

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One response to “Universal Message about Advent

  1. Cecilia

    December 3, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    I must admit I don’t understand the reading.


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