First Sunday of Advent

26 Nov

Hi Everyone,

This morning I got the message that it was time to post again so here I am.

This Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent. I pray all of you, in your own way, enter into the Advent season with an open heart & mind, looking at the darkness within and all around and anticipating the arrival of the joy filled light of love & peace. This is what the Christmas Season is really all about!!! This is really what life is about.

Think Holy be Holy…Stay present even if it becomes uncomfortable. Pay attention to your thoughts….no judgement, no critisizm just notice the dark thoughts, let them go, knowing that the light is coming. Be grateful for loving thoughts and spread the light as best you can in the midst of darkness.

I hope more of you will share your reactions to what I’ve said…..I can learn much from you….please share!!!

Remember to feed your soul!!! Let’s feed each other!!!


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2 responses to “First Sunday of Advent

  1. Diane Milowicki

    November 27, 2011 at 8:04 pm

    Advent has always been my favorite time of the Church calendar. There is a spirit of anticipation and joy that seems to make everything a little lighter – most people seem to be a bit more friendly, and most things seem to be a bit simpler during this time. It is a time for reflection on what is truly important – and those things are usually pretty simple. It is giving love to those around you and finding ways to spend time with them. It is experiencing tne joy in the faces of children and grandparents and strangers. It is felling the fullness in one’s heart that happens when beautiful music is played. It is enjoying the beauty of sparkling lights and lovingly decorated trees. It is feeling grateful for a time of year when we get to see family and friends that we don’t have the opportunity to see during the rest of the year. It is engaging in family traditions and customs that have been there since we were children – and not letting them die. It is remembering the loved ones who are no longer with us and being grateful for the wonderful times we shared with them while they were here. It is so many lovely and wonderful things. I truly love this season…

    • revwelker

      November 29, 2011 at 4:55 pm

      Hi Diane,

      I love your take on Advent. It’s a beautiful way to look and be with this Holy Season. It’s all you said and it’s more. We can not ignore the dark side of this time of year for it wants to speak to us too. I think of all the trees and shrubs that look dead but we all know there’s new life coming. So it’s in that way that I sit with those things that make me uncomfortable and that cause me pain. As I light the first candle (of Hope) of Advent I feel hopeful. I know the light is coming and even though I have times where the pain is in my face, I am hopeful that the light is coming. The long dark nights will be over soon and the longer light of day will be with us soon. May your hope of Advent fill your heart and mind and may your Love of this Holy Season bless everyone that comes in contact with you.


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