Another quote from Richard Rohr

02 Oct

No comments on the first of Richard’s quotes…..what do you think about this one.


Richard’s Daily Meditations

Sunday, October 2
Feast of the Guardian Angels

Nature was a mirror of the soul for St. Francis of Assisi—a mirror for
himself and a mirror for God. All this mirroring effected a complete
change of consciousness, a shift in how he saw reality.

When Francis was a young man, he loved to party. One night he left the
party and looked up at the stars above Assisi. He stood there for a long
time, in awe of what he saw. He said, “If these are the creatures,
what must the Creator be like?”

The outer world began to name the inner experience and the nature of God
for Francis. It all became a two-way mirror through which he could see
God and also see his deepest soul. Our Franciscan tradition has always
seen creation as “the first Bible,” which had a 14.5-billion-year
lead on the written Bible.

From In the Footsteps of Francis: Awakening to Creation webcast
(CD, DVD, MP3)

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