Richard Rohr is worth reading……..

01 Oct

I subscribe to Richard’s Daily Meditations and I find him to be open minded yet fully Christian in a Universal way. In his writings he quotes every kind of mystic, author and sage you can imagine. He’s also very familiar with the 12 Steps of Anonymous programs. He’s comfortable referring to God as Higher Power, the Universe and any other name you want to give to God. I especially love what he sent today and am led to share it with you. Take time to read it but also to challenge him and or me so we can have a conversation and learn from each other.

May life help us grow and change and be inspirational for each other.

Richard’s Daily Meditations

A time to love and a time to hate
Saturday, October 1
Feast of Therese of Lisieux, “The Little Flower”

It is God within us who loves God. By ourselves, we do not know how or
where to look for God. We don’t even know what God looks like. We
don’t know what to think or if we should try to think at all.

God planted a little bit of God inside of us—we call it the indwelling
Holy Spirit (John 14:16-17 [1]), and from that place within us, like a
homing device, God seeks and loves God—through us, toward us, within
us, and from us. All we can do is allow this Spring inside us to well up
(John 4:14 [2]) and flow through us. Go to this holy place within you. It is
the only place big enough to allow you to encounter, hold, and bear the
darkness that is a part of every life.


Among the many wise and lovely things that Therese taught us, she summed
it up when she said, “It all comes down to confidence and
gratitude!” She called it her “Little Way.” Therese has now been
proclaimed a “Doctor of the Church” and was largely an uneducated
French girl who died at the age of 24!

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