More about #4 Regret

20 Jul

Regret #4…….I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.

There’s a couple of things I neglected to mention before, that I think are important.

We can’t force anyone to be our friend. But we can do our best to be a good friend to those whose company we enjoy. If for some reason a person is not interested in a friendship, we need to be sensitive and open to letting them go on their way and not try to force the issue.

The other matter that I think is very important is that we cultivate and encourage younger people to be our friend. My dear friend Dyna that passed away last week  was the last of her siblings and her group of long time friends. I was the only friend she had left and we were 15 years apart and up until she became bed ridden, we had a lot of fun together. Seeing her dance with her walker to Tom Jones makes me smile every time I think about it. That happened about a month before she started slipping away. She was bed ridden for three months. I visited her once a week. She died five days after my last visit. Goodbye my dear sweet friend.

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